Strategically Eat

Eating is one of the fastest ways to move a relationship from acquaintance to friendship.

Who can you eat with (or have a coffee with) that’s far from God? A co-worker over lunch? A neighbor during the day? A friend or family member over the weekend?

Here are some helpful tips for strategic, gospel-focused eating: 

  • Keep it simple. Don’t feel pressured to create an elaborate meal or to break out the fine china. Invite people into the life you are already living.
  • Just ask. You would be surprised how open your co-worker or neighbor would be to join you for a meal or coffee.
  • Think ahead. Before you ask someone out for a meal or coffee, try to think through not only the place where you are going but also the person you are asking. There are definitely better places for conversations along with understanding any dietary concerns.
  • Pray in advance. Make this a matter of prayer. Ask that God would use this conversation to build a deeper, meaningful relationship. Don’t feel pressured to share the gospel at your first meal. Give that person time to know you and then trust you as well.
  • Ask again. Once is not enough! Keep your relationship going by connecting again. Use discretion and prayer to look for more opportunities.

(Content and questions adapted from Beulah Alliance Church;