Intentionally Listen

“God, how do you want me to bless the world today? Help me to listen to and discover the needs of others and where you’re at work.”

Listening with purpose:
Before you can help others find Jesus, you need to listen to them first – their hopes, pains, challenges and dreams. In your interactions with others, take the posture of a learner. Lay down your assumptions, and practice being present.

Listening with preparation: 

  • Before you engage with the person you are trying to reach, pray for them.
  • In your BLESS Journal, create specific questions based on the individuals you are trying to reach
    • For example, if they have children, ask how the start of the school year is going.
    • If they love sports, ask them questions about the NFL preseason or College Football beginning.
    • If they love dogs, ask about there favorite places to take their dogs for a walk.
  • After you speak with the people you are trying to reach, record any mental notes you took. Pray for them and then follow up with targeted questions. Be listening for areas of concern.

(Content and questions adapted from Beulah Alliance Church;