South Asia Mission

South Asia Mission

Help send Garrett Messineo to Nepal in February 2020.

As most of you know, a few months ago I returned home from a short-term mission trip. The small amount of time that I was there, simply put, has changed my life. I got to see first-hand, the amazing work God is doing in the nations. Not only did I see it, but I was privileged to participate in it. So, I’m excited to say that I’ll be returning to South ASIA to join my brothers and sisters overseas! I’ll once again be traveling around surrounding villages and cities of Kathmandu, Nepal sharing the gospel. Only this time I have the amazing opportunity to stay for an extended period of five months! It would mean the world to me if you would take a few moments to read through the plan and purpose of this trip.
I knew the statistical needs before I went on my last trip, that where I’d be going has the largest concentration of what is called “unreached people groups” (those where less than 2% of their entire population have heard anything about Jesus Christ). This helped me realize that it’s one thing to hear statistics, but a completely different thing to witness them. With approximately 1.7 billion people in South Asia, it’s estimated that every week, 250,000 people die without Christ. 

 My first day on the field, we were staying in the largest city in the county. Dirt roads cluttered with bikes and buses. We visited the bustling temples packed with locals and tourists alike. With the majority of the country being of Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, there are many public religious events that go on. One of those being, the public cremation of the dead. I found myself surrounded by those participating, as well as many tourists ready to record the cultural event. Contrary to the excitement on the faces around me, my heart began sinking deeper and deeper into my chest. I knew what I was witnessing. I couldn’t help seeing through the celebration and excitement. I couldn’t help but see that this person, most likely a devout Hindu, died without ever knowing his or her Creator. I realized then in a very real way, that these aren’t merely numbers, but real people like you and I. The people of South Asia are in need. The fact of the matter is less than 3% of the world’s missionaries actively serve among these unreached people who need them the most. This great disparity left me heavy-hearted. But it also leaves me with a mission to take action. Specifically, to go back to those who are unreached with the good news of Jesus!

So, the goal of this trip and the extended stay is to build discipleship relationships with the people we encounter as well as come alongside local church planters. The mission is to establish generational churches in places where the name of Jesus has not yet been proclaimed. Through these church planting efforts, we hope to change the atmosphere of the country one person, one home at a time.

I would love for your help during this trip! There are two ways to be involved.
First, and most importantly, you can pray for me and my team. Laying a prayerful foundation will make all the difference. Secondly, you can give. For this trip to become a reality, I’ll need $5,000. Even the smallest amount will help tremendously to enable me to reach the unreached people of South Asia. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter regarding my upcoming trip. This whole thing will be impossible without the generosity of so many amazing people. I look forward to sharing with you the stories of how God moves in the lives of the people we meet. Check down below for info on how to give a tax-deductible donation and continue receiving my newsletters! Though words can’t describe my feelings accurately, I hope by reading this you can see my heart, and perhaps feel led to partner with me on this journey. Thank you!

Forever grateful for the places God draws us, 
Garrett Messineo
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