Sharing The Good News Of Jesus

June Emphasis | Sharing The Gospel & Your Story

Three ways to fulfill this goal: 

Read | “What Is The Gospel?” Booklet

In your box, you’ll find a booklet entitled What is the Gospel?. The greater we understand and believe the gospel the more comfortable we will be to share this good news with others. This short and poignant resource will give you an opportunity to dive into a healthy explanation of the good news of Jesus Christ. You will also be given a tool to help you collect your thoughts and to reflect on what you read. Please make time to utilize this dynamic resource. 

Write | Your Gospel Story 

After you’ve read through the booklet, access the worksheet again to write out the gospel in your own words and how the gospel is changing you. This will be a helpful means of gaining clarity in both your understanding of the gospel but also in your ability to share what God has done in your own life. 

Share | Your Gospel Story & A Meal

Finally, use the Chick-Fil-A gift card to share a meal with someone in our church. When you meet, share what you’ve written in your worksheet. This experience will not only strengthen your faith and love for God but also will prepare you for future opportunities to share this good news with others.