Season Of Giving

Season Of Giving

Season of Giving from Bay Cities Fellowship on Vimeo.

For the month of December, let’s celebrate a season of giving. There will be three, week-long emphases on giving: giving our time, talents, and treasure. Each week, we will have a specific theme regarding our giving: 

      • Week 1 | Sunday 12.02—12.08 | Giving our time for others
      • Week 2 | Sunday 12.09—12.15 | Giving our talents for good
      • Week 3 | Sunday 12.16—12.23 | Giving our treasure for mission

Similarly to our 21 Days of Prayer, each week will be filled with resources and initiatives to help you engage in this Season of Giving. Each Sunday we will see how Jesus did this Himself, as seen in the gospels. Then, we will cap off the week with opportunities to participate in our Season of Giving:

      • Week 1 will conclude with a time together at the Uppercues.
      • Week 2 will conclude with opportunities to serve others on 12.14 and 12.15.
      • Then, Week 3 will conclude with an offering on 12.23 given exclusively for mission (local, national, and international).

Also, you are encouraged to share pics and posts on social media with the following hashtags: #timeforothers, #talentsforgood, #treasureformission.