March B.L.E.S.S Emphasis | Listening…To one another and the Spirit of God

Four ways to fulfill this goal:

1. Listen to the words of others | Starbucks Gift Card & Conversation Guide
Invite someone from our church to enjoy a cup of coffee using the gift card provided. Then, make plans to utilize the conversation guide: a source of pointed, meaningful questions to learn more about their story.

2. Listen to the words of God | Psalms on Dwell Audio Bible
Starting on Monday, March 4, you are encouraged to begin a 30 day journey through the book of Psalms. By visiting or searching for Dwell Audio Bible in your phone App store, you can download the application to utilize this plan. We will work through the Psalms together and hear the words of God.

3. Listen to the words from God | Spend a day with God
You’ve been given a candle and an insert to spend a day with God. Essentially, block out an entire day or approximately 10 hours over the course of the month to spend with God. The candle serves as a means of tracking your time with God. Also, the insert will give you direction and ideas for how you can best utilize this time.

4. Listen to the words about God | Spotify Membership
We want to provide you an uninterrupted means of listening to words about God. By visiting, you can indicate your interest in a Spotify Membership. You will then be sent instructions on how to access to your free, premium subscription.