Easter 2020

Easter 2020


We’ve put together a week that will encourage you and point you to Jesus. Here’s how you can join in: First, we’d love to walk through the Holy Week together through an app on your phone called EasterNow. You can experience the events of the Passion Week in real time. This app utilizes any smartphone’s internal notification system to walk through Passion Week with an integrated map, scripture, and deeper analysis. Just click below to download the free app. 

Download The App

Secondly, make plans for a special Good Friday worship. We plan to conduct a Zoom call at 6:30 pm for the entire church to witness baptisms, enjoy Scripture reading, and take the Lord’s Table together. If you’d like to participate in this experience, please enter your information below. Then, we’ll premiere at video on YouTube and Facebook at 7:00 pm for you to enjoy and worship with your family online.

Thirdly, we want to bless you with a BLESS Box! On Thursday, April 9, we plan to deliver BLESS Boxes right to your door. This box will include some treats for all ages, Easter-themed activities for children, and resources to prepare you for our weekend of worship. Due to the current restrictions, we plan to deliver these in a safe manner by simply leaving them where you specify in the sign-up form. Just click below to sign up for your BLESS Box. 

Sign Up For Your BLESS Box

Finally, please invite friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors to connect with us online. Simply click below to download our digital invitations and then share them on social media or in a text message. As mentioned earlier, we’ll host our Zoom call on Good Friday at 6:30 pm and premiere a video at 7:00 pm. Then our Easter Sunday video will premiere at 10:00 am. You can find these videos on YouTube or our Facebook Page.

Get The Digital Invites For Easter 2020