City Groups—Our City Groups are designed to build community within Bay Cities Fellowship but also to extend care to those outside of our church. We have 3 groups that meet twice a month in host homes of our members. These are open to anyone, so bring your family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers!

  1. Luke Forman Home — Tuesday’s @ 6 PM — (714) 743-7691
  2. Ken Thompson Home — Thursday’s @ 6 PM — (828) 553-7128
  3. Andrew Lucas Home — Sunday’s @ 5 PM — (810) 836-1914

If you desire to learn more about joining a City Group, please fill out the information below.

City Groups

Growth Groups—Beginning in summer 2017, we will offer our initial Growth Groups. These groups are designed for you to grow in your love for God, in your knowledge of His Word, and your ability to live purposefully for Him. These groups will vary both in duration and content. We understand the uniqueness of each person’s individual journey. So, whether you are in need of a mentor, a teacher, or simply, a friend, our assortment of Growth Groups can help.