A Plea For Prayer

The mission of Bay Cities Fellowship is to reach every street with the good news of Jesus Christ. This mission aligns with the hope of seeing cities transformed to reflect the vision of Hebrews 11:10, where Abraham longs for a city designed and built by God. For any real transformation to occur, we must pray for God to work on our behalf. Our church is excited to live out the biblical expectations of sharing the gospel with others as well as sharing our lives (1 Thessalonians 2:8). Yet, we believe that without the power of God through prayer, our efforts will fall short.

We plan to ask, seek, and knock for God to build His Church in Oldsmar, FL. Consequently, we are looking for individuals to devote time for prayer regarding the launching of Bay Cities Fellowship. By joining our prayer team, you can expect:

  • Regular communication highlighting prayer requests and answers to prayers
  • Exclusive updates and content regarding the growth of Bay Cities Fellowship
  • Special online sessions bringing our team together for prayer

If you feel so led to join our prayer team or would like more information regarding our church, please click here.