21 Days of Prayer & Praise

If you are a Christian, you have been called to pray (Colossians 4:2, Ephesians 6:18). Over and over again, we read in the Bible about Jesus praying to his Father in Heaven. Just as he communicated with his Father through prayer, so can you. And as prayer becomes a larger part of your life:

  • You will find yourself less focused on yourself, and more focused on Jesus. 
  • Your temptations and fear will give way to dependence on God and confidence in him. 
  • You will begin to discern God’s will and calling in your life. 
  • It will be your weapon when you are drawn into spiritual battles. 

Our power to affect change in this world begins with prayer. Beyond yourself, when you pray, you build and strengthen bonds with other believers. Therefore, from 11/1– 11/21, we will come together for 21 days of prayer and praise. I hope God will meet you in a meaningful and memorable way. As a result, we pray that our church and where we live, work, and play will be transformed. 

Heres’ what to expect for our 21 Days of Prayer & Praise:

  • The King’s Agenda: Everyone in the church will receive a daily devotional exploring the commands of Jesus to inform our prayer and praise. 
  • Daily Encouragement: Each day on our social media platforms, you’ll receive encouragement from God’s Word and prayers from our members.  
  • City Group Prayer Emphasis: For the City Group meetings that occur during this time, we’ll ask for a special time of prayer regarding our church and her mission. 
  • Night of Prayer & Praise: On 11/11, we’ll gather in person for prayer and praise at 7 pm at the First Baptist Church of Saftey Harbor located at 525 14th Ave S, Safety Harbor, FL 34695.
  • Worship Concert: On 11/22, for our Sunday gathering, we’ll partake in a special concert focused on Romans and led by Pastor Brent. 
  • Testimony Service: On 11/29, we’ll orchestrate a time in our Sunday gathering to share what God did through our season of prayer.